St. Mary Catholic Church New Rectory

Diocese of Lafayette-In-Indiana - Lafayette, Indiana

In 2018, Scholer Corporation completed design for a new rectory at the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception. The proposed rectory would be constructed on the site of an existing 1880's brick home and carriage house. Its siting and design were carefully tailored to echo the present historical Italianate house that was in disrepair.

The new rectory features elevator access to all three levels: 1) a lower level with a two-car garage; a recreation room with kitchen; laundry and storage rooms; and a walk-out patio accessible from the rec room 2) a ground floor level with a screened porch and open, elevated deck; a period-styled covered porch on the south and east facades; a great room, dining room and kitchen; and a guest suite/library 3) a third level with a centrally located laundry room and three separate priest quarters, each containing a bedroom, sitting room and bathroom.