East Tipp Middle School Additions & Renovations

Tippecanoe School Corporation - Lafayette, Indiana

Additions and renovations to East Tipp Middle School brought much needed updates, improvements and expansion to this aging facility on the eastern edge of Tippecanoe County.

Security at the main entrance is greatly improved with the installation of an updated electronic access control system; new security hardware; and an exterior and interior wall of secure doors equipped with specially designed intruder-resistant safety glass.

Interior updates include 24,830 square feet of renovations to classrooms, offices and common spaces. All existing classroom doors have been replaced with new doors and secure hardware. Kitchen renovations include equipment upgrades and an improved traffic flow pattern in the serving area.

The existing gymnasium was gutted and reconfigured to create new band department spaces (offices, instrument storage rooms, rehearsal and practice rooms); a general classroom; and a large multipurpose area. Former band department space was converted into choir department offices and rehearsal space. Former choir department space was reconfigured for general classrooms and a new receiving area on the south side of the building.

A dedicated, secure entrance welcomes visitors into a new 24,300 square foot gymnasium addition complete with a modern, fully equipped gymnasium and concession stand; offices for coaches and the athletic director; girls and boys locker rooms; an equipment room; public restrooms; and a large general purpose classroom.