Camp Tecumseh Master Plan

Camp Tecumseh YMCA - Brookston, Indiana

Camp Tecumseh is nestled in an idyllic setting along the banks of the Tippecanoe River in Carroll County, Indiana. Encompassing more than 660 acres, it is one of the largest YMCA Camps in the country. The camp offers year-round programs for kids and adults of all ages and backgrounds, and is home to more than 36,000 "campers" every year.

However, as recently as 20 years ago, those numbers were just a dream. At that time, camp facilities were spread throughout a little more than 500 acres and had become inadequate to serve the needs of rapidly growing enrollment. Thanks to a stellar reputation, Camp Tecumseh's enrollment had ballooned to the point where more than 600 children a year were stuck on a waiting list. In 2001, Camp Tecumseh asked Scholer Corporation and O'Boyle, Cowell, Blalock & Associates, Inc. (OCBA) to develop a Master Plan to address the camp's "growing pains."

Scholer Corporation and OCBA conducted a two-day, on-site design charrette in order to prepare a master plan for the camp's expansion. Representatives from OCBA concentrated their efforts on site expansion, layout and improvement while Scholer Corporation focused on the architectural design components of the plan.

The resulting master plan proposed the construction of a number of new facilities and site initiatives aimed at linking proposed expansion at the Lakeside Center Village site with the existing River Village area. The ultimate goal was to accommodate all enrolled campers and to provide campers with a comparable "camp experience" in either area.