River Village Dining Hall

Camp Tecumseh YMCA - Brookston, Indiana

In 2001, Camp Tecumseh asked Scholer Corporation and OCBA Landscape Architects to develop a master plan to address the camp's "growing pains." As the camp's reputation continued to grow, so did its enrollment, and it wasn't long before the camp was in need of a new, expanded master plan. In 2014, OCBA returned to the camp to develop a master plan for the camp's central hub – the existing River Village area.

In anticipation of its 100th anniversary (2024), Camp Tecumseh embarked upon a fundraising campaign (the Campaign for Tecumseh) to raise $10 million to fund initiatives identified in the 2014 Master Plan. Among those initiatives was a recommendation to build a new, expandable dining hall, allowing the existing dining hall to be repurposed into offices and meeting space.

In 2019, Scholer Corporation was selected to begin design for a new River Village dining hall. When constructed, the new dining hall will provide nearly 28,000 square feet of dining, conference, retail, office and community space. The facility's central features are:

  • An 11,000 square foot dining area that can be partitioned into three separate dining rooms.
  • A nearly 800 square foot conference space that can be partitioned into three individual conference rooms.

Additionally, campers will enjoy a new library; a large fellowship room; a lounge adjacent to the dining area; expansive kitchen and serving areas; and a Trading Post retail market.